Tuesday, August 9, 2011

When We Last Saw Our Heroine...

I can be the "heroine", right?  I mean it is my blog.

Anyway, when we last saw our heroine she was becoming a Ukulele Player, able to calm or excite small hordes of small preschoolers with classics such as "Wheels on the Bus" and "Skip to My Lou."  Her faithful sidekick, The Hound Dawg observed this new occupation with mixed feelings.

Somewhere along the way to Extraordinarily Tolerable Uke Playing, blogging was sacrificed on the alter of busy-ness.

Now, we must catch up with a summer's worth of blogs.  We'll start simply.

Hound Dawg celebrated his 3rd Birthday with his customary Pineapple Upside Down Cake.  The Finman assures me that this is The Hound Dawg's favorite cake and I am sure that the Finman's preferences have no influence.  It is surely an unbiased evaluation.  
The Hound Dawg was very glad to realize I was all out of party hats.


  1. I have played a uke once in hawaii with the chord chart. The lady behind the counter was stunned that I could instantly make the chords as they were in the chart and play tunes...

    I need to get a uke. I'm sure they are fun to play over a long period of time too...

  2. I assure you, I speak fluent hound, and he does indeed love pineapple upside down cake.

    We finished it together, and he says thanks again.

  3. Something tell me the Hound Dawg would happily eat the box the ingredients came in. I know my dog would.

    Congrats on your newly found musical talent. Let me know when/where you have your first concert. :)


  4. Happy Birthday to Hound Dawg and SOOOOooo good to see you!

  5. Bobby, the uke is definitely my new thing. I'm really enjoying it.

    Finman, I'm sure that is true. ;) And, you're welcome.

    Scott, you're not accusing me of making a cake from a box are you?? Okay, that's actually the part of your comment that got my little "made from scratch" panties all in a twist. However, now that we've dealt with that, the spirit of the comment is definitely true. Copper aka The Hound Dawg has developed a great technique where he uses his tongue to open the top of the trash can and sample any likely smelling wrapper or container. It is very comical and ANNOYING!

    O, thanks. It was fun to blog again.

  6. Playing the uke? That is great! My students would love you. (Well, actually they would love you anyway, but playing the uke would certainly raise your status a bit.) If you ever get tired of being an accidental librarian you could come here to Thailand and become an accidental English teacher.

  7. Chiang Guy, I'll keep that in mind. :)

  8. Two of you there?!!! Oh No!!!!! Mom


Please play nicely.