Tuesday, August 23, 2011


The other evening as The Finman and I perambulated around the perimeter of the grounds, we carefully dodged one of our temporary guests.  I greeted our lodger, "Hello Orb Spider, what a lovely nest of webs you've built there.The Finman and Hound Dawg paused to cast dubious glances back at The Orb's web. 

"What?" I wondered.  "Most people don't talk talk to spiders," pronounced The Finman.  "Wilbur spoke to Spiders," I replied.  "Wilbur was a pig. Do you really want to follow that line of reasoning?" queried The Finman.  

My response, "Wilbur is famous.  Maybe, if you speak to spiders you become famous."


  1. Ha! I have one in my backyard. She looks fabulous and I adore watching her...

  2. I like them too. I think they creep Fin out.

  3. One should always speak to spiders, especially such nice ones! Mom

  4. :) You will undoubtedly become famous since she consented to have her picture taken.


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