Monday, September 19, 2011


I'm very used to meeting up with Great White Egrets while kayaking in Mississippi marshes and backwaters. In fact, it is commonplace. Imagine my surprise, to find this fellow sitting on a gravel pile...
In the middle of...
The Mojave Desert.
We're in California, have seen some lovely country, and met up with a couple of good friends. Of course, I wish you all were here.


  1. I didn't know those wacky birds hung out there too. We have them all over the place...

  2. Wow! very cool. We have lots of great egrets here also, but we have the Rio Grande and Elephant Butte Lake. I've had some great times in the Mojave, hope you are too! -Amy M.

  3. Bobby, they do seem to be e everywhere. I read an article the other day that said their range had greatly expanded into many new places.

    Scott, that's obviously the best answer. He has Turbo charged wings.

    Amy, we were in Flagstaff the other day a I was retro-ly jealous of all the time you spent in that area. :-) I having a great time. We don't have much time to spend in any one location but we are seeing a lot of beautiful country!

  4. As one of the odd birds you encountered on the trip, I am looking forward to more reports about the adventure. It was great seeing you southerners and east coasters. CA needs more of that Texas sparkle and manner.

  5. Fragilewisdom, it sure was.

    JohnO, still so glad we were able to stop by! It was a fun visit.


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