Monday, September 19, 2011

New Toys

Good heavens... I'm exhausted with trying to blog tonight! The Finman  and I are on vacation.  I have a new tablet that should make my life much easier.  (Actually, it has made it much easier.)  I just spent over an hour trying to load a silly photo to Blogger.  

Everthing else is fairly workable BUT Android and Blogger simply don't play well together.  I was going to blog our vacation but... Well, we'll see.

Photo:  Out the window near Sedona  


  1. That is a gorgeous shot. You and I now have about a half a thousand gorgeous shots, and we still have a week to go. Ack!


  2. I know sweety, it's hard to imagine how many we will end up with.

  3. I thought you knew about that. That is why we had to talk on Google chat.

  4. Uhoh...that isn't encouraging. I was thinking of getting a tablet and would hope to be able to blog. What kind did you get?


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