Sunday, September 11, 2011


I am attracted to simplicity.  I crave a simple life, a small life full of personally rewarding things.  A life of gardening, tending, puttering, writing, appreciating, laughing, walking, and watching with open eyes. 
I think that desire for simplicity is why I am so attracted to photos that catch a single moment.  This house attracted my attention while running an errand for work with a co-worker.  I was so attracted to the splash of yellow from the rain lilies blooming by the porch that I returned on my lunch break to photograph the house.

It didn't feel very simple when I was sitting in an unknown person's front yard photographing their porch.  There is a fair amount of trepidation that accompanies that kind of behavior.

For me, it was worth it.  Can you see the untold story here?  The evenings, after a long day of work sitting on the porch, enjoying a break outside and watching traffic pass.  Maybe, chats with neighbors or chats with a spouse and sending children in to finish homework.

I know it doesn't make sense in a society where we commonly build houses for two and three people that have over 2,000 square feet of living space but I could be content in a cottage like this.  I admire the simplicity.


  1. Ditto me.

    Try 2 or 3 people living in 4000-5000 square foot homes. I see it every day. It's simply an ego trip.


  2. Gosh...I do so love 'simplicity,' too.
    When life's on it's axle spinning and your trying to stay aligned with it I find often, well, that if I can find all the simple things in a day and gather them all up I can finally breathe~
    Often I'll write in my blog of the 'simple.' Just so as we are all reminded to take a breath.
    Thank you for this lovely post and the wonderful pictures of the little yellow house.
    Deep sighs~~~

  3. I am glad I am not the only one who gets nervous when I indulge in that kind of behavior.

    Loved the post by the way.

  4. The image, I love the angle you shot it from. As for absolute must!


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