Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What A Mess

 I managed to go on a lunchtime walk one day last week in downtown Pascagoula.  I happened across an open door. 

Alright, it wasn't so much open as falling in.  The condition of the things on the other side shouldn't make that much of shock.  Yes, that is sunlight shining through the "walls" and roof.

The chair caught my eye.  I rescued one in a similar state a few years ago.  I actually paid some money for my chair.  The woman selling it referred to it as a "Chippy Garden Chair".

"Chippy Garden Chair" actually meant that it had been relegated to someones yard at some point and the old enamel-ish paint might as well have been applied with super glue and dry-rot had claimed the arch on the rockers making for a dissatisfying lack of motion for those enticed to sit down and "rock".

Had I known what I was getting into when I plumped down my cash on the barrel-head I would have run screaming from that little junk - errr... "antique" shop.

Thankfully, that story has a happy ending.  Many hours and sand paper strips later my little chair was rehabbed.  I painted, cut new rockers, sewed cushions, figured out how to replace the broken seat with webbing and here you go... "Chippy" reborn.

I guess, sometime things aren't as bad as they seem you just have to put some work into them.


  1. VERY impressive, BG! Things made with your own hands and TLC are so much more meaningful than storebought items.


  2. Yes, impressive. Did you bring that one home, too?

  3. wow, you did a fantastic job!! Very beautiful work!


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