Thursday, March 8, 2012

For Old Time's Sake...

Looking at a P-51 Mustang and B-17 from inside a B-24

As the title states, for old time's sake and not simply because our topic has a bit of history but in my case I'm thinking, "For old time's sake because I used to be a blogger."  More and more lately, I'm trying to come to terms with the idea that perhaps after almost ten years, life-changing events, and countless new friends thanks to the blogoshpere... perhaps, I am no longer a blogger.  Sigh...

For tonight at least I'm a blogger.  So, back to the topic at hand.  Today, on the Mississippi Coast we had a visit from some WW2 Flying Machines.  The Finman and I wandered over to the airport this afternoon for a look.

This was the conversation as we were leaving the car, "I guess I should check my camera battery."  Fin replied, "Good idea."  "I have 41%, that ought to get me through," I said.  Fin affirmed 41% would be enough.  "Of course," I continued, "I may not even take any pictures.  Planes are like waterfalls, you can only have so many photos of planes."  (Fin and I know this to be true because a few years ago while driving in Maui from Lahaina to Hana we pulled over for the 50th time to take photos of yet another breathtakingly beautiful waterfall, in front of which we needed a photo, and we looked at each other and knew, enough was enough.  You can only have "so many" photos of breathtakingly beautiful waterfalls.  After awhile, it's just overwhelming.) 

Since I met Fin, I've taken LOTS of photos of airplanes.  So, you would think I have enough and that actually would be true. I do have enough. Fin and I walked away from the airport 70 photos later.


  1. Well, my airplane picture folder has 3,700 photos of airplanes after today, and 'you know who' has literally TEN TIMES that number.

    And his are all good, too!

    mwah. Thanks for a lovely afternoon.

  2. I have been thinking about my own blogging status lately. I miss it greatly but for some reason have not been able to go back to it. Much the same problem with my camera. :(

  3. I agree about too much of a good thing. You know I love airplanes, but unless it's something unique, something I've never seen before, I'll generally pass on more photos of it. Now about the blogging....I wish you'd keep on, and even up your frequency a bit. I enjoy what you share with us.


  4. I have got to come to the same realization: that there are only so many pictures you can have of cats.

  5. It first hit me (with quite a thud) when I returned from a cruise with my first digital camera and stops at St Croix, Antigua, Dominica, Barbados, St Thomas and Virgin Gorda.

    It was pointedly pointed out to me that they 'all look alike', and so they do. So do cloud pictures, beach pictures, cave pictures, baby pictures, waterfall pictures as mentioned and airplane pictures.

    One nice feature of the book of faces however, is that can look at other peoples' pictures at your own speed and skip the ones that are boring (usually 90% of them) without hurting any feelings.

    PS-I still haven't seen about 65 or yesterdays harvest. fin

  6. my picture taking, as well as my blogging, has slowed down.... I guess it was getting to be too much "over load". ;-)

  7. Pictures are something I have not much of. Relative to most, my life is not very documented with images.
    I like the significance of that photo. It covers a whole lot of what made the difference in WWII.

  8. Thank you all for the comments! That is certainly one of the wonderful things about blogging.

    Fin, true. true.

    Sis, it's always been harder without journalspace.

    Scott, thanks. I'm not quite ready to give up yet. I just need to find more time in the day?

    But CF, you're kitties are so photogenic!

    Dorrie, I know what you mean.

    John, they are powerful birds, aren't they!


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