Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Lunch With 'Gator

This week, I've made the effort to carry my camera to work more often and get back into the swing of my lunchtime photo walks.  I fell out of the practice because I simply carry TOO much paraphernalia out the door every morning.  There is my lunch, and my tablet, purse, and sometimes my Ukulele, and sometimes things I need to present preschool storytime at one of the libraries, my coffee, my water bottle, etc. etc. The Finman calls me a pack mule. 

I'm sure he means it in the nicest possible way.

Anyway, I'm sure you can imagine why I got out of the habit of bringing my rather bulky camera.  Imagine my frustration at lunch Monday when I was forced to watch a hawk perching in a nearby tree being dive bombed by the neighborhood mockingbirds.  The grainy photos I took with the five megapixel camera in my tablet didn't really work out.  Thus, the camera is added back to the routine. 

Today, I spent the work day in Ocean Springs and headed down to the Inner Harbor Park for lunch.  What a treat to find this guy soaking up some sun.  It's not every day I have lunch with an alligator.


  1. I carry a small pocket-sized Canon camera in my pocket, and by and large it does well for me. I once saw a lady who had what I'll describe as a large purse with a handle and wheels, like a small piece of luggage. Don't laugh, it worked. Glad you had your camera that day to capture the alligator pic. :)


  2. SO--now you look like a pack mule with a camera---in the nicest possible way!!


  3. Its not every day that one see's an alligator,lol, wow! I've never seen one outside of my TV,lol.
    Great pics, Bethany:)

  4. I have the same problem packing all my stuff. Lately I have started using a backpack

  5. Scott, I have two of those wheeled bags.. ones I bought just for the daily work pilgrimage. Would you believe they aren't big enough!

    Fin, you say the sweetest things.

    Silentwhisper, thanks for stopping in! I get to see them fairly frequently but they never lose their novelty. I get excited every time. :)

  6. fragilewisdom, you snuck that one in... a backpack might work... it'd have to be big.


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