Tuesday, July 17, 2012

How Come You Never Hear About a Crazy Dog Lady?

Poor Copper.  He has to put up with so much.  Yet, he's such a good sport.  

Sometimes I do wonder if he ever wishes he'd been adopted by "normal" people.


  1. He looks absoluely ecstatic! Happy Birthday Big Guy. ;)


  2. Thanks Scott. He LOVES birthday parties!

  3. The pictures are a hoot! Happy Birthday Cooper... You are so lucky to have a family that celebrates your birthday. I've never had a pet that I knew when his/her birthday was, so it never occurred to me to have a birthday party for my cat or dog. Cooper, you're one lucky guy. :)

  4. He is a phlegmatic soul, and just takes it as it comes.

  5. Hilarious. Poor doggy!


  6. This IS normal.
    Isn't it???

  7. That dog has about the best 'non verbal communication' skills I've ever encountered.

    Rare is the time when it is totally impossible to tell what he wants...or doesn't.

  8. KIT, I keep trying to tell him he's lucky. He's not at all convinced.

    CG, unless of course a walk is involved. Then, as we all know, he looks like a cartoon or at least kin to Tigger... bouncy, bouncy, bouncy, bouncy, fun, fun, fun.

    Fijufic, we're all glad he survived his trauma.

    Silentwhisper1, :). I sure hope it's normal.

    Fin, he does indeed. Right now he's beside me snoring. You know how funny I think that is.

  9. Oh, like Copper is the authority on "normal"? I think he is happy to have people He can understand---and control. He's a shrewd one, and as likable as they get. What a unique being. I'm glad I had the chance to make his acquaintance. Never, ever, have I met a dog, cat, or human that was a whole lot like Copper, other than being charming. He's his own class.

  10. I should add that he is one of my very favorite canines of all time

  11. JohnO, I'm still so glad you like our Copper. He is an unusual beast.


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