Saturday, January 19, 2013

Saturday Morning Birdwatching

Slow start to the morning.

Drinking coffee.
Watching the bird feeder.

Due to a project I've taken on, I am spending a lot of time thinking about visual art.

What are the parameters that define one as an "artist"? 

I've know some incredibly talented self-taught artists.  One woman in particular told me she checked out every art book at her local library to learn and develop her art.  She eventually became very well-known in her community, had a studio at the local art association and taught other artists. 

I've known amazing artists with more formal training.  

I've known artists that are structured and rigid and others that are wacky and unpredictable and fit the stereotype of the "artist personality". 

However, mostly I wonder if there is a threshold of artistic measurement and achievement that must be reached before one proclaims oneself to the world, "An Artist"?


  1. You can probably pay money and get an artist's license. Like a license to do business or to fish.

  2. If "beauty is in the eye of the beholder", how can there be a threshold of artistic measurement? Each of us probably has a different threshold. I say you just do what you like and don't worry about the rest. Art lessons couldn't hurt, but don't let someone else's talents box you in, either. :)



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