Sunday, January 13, 2013


Can you find the watcher in the photo?  

I mentioned months ago that I was taking my fold-up bicycle to work to ride at lunch.  I'm still at it and still taking bike photos.  It seems a bit silly at times (the photos not the bike) but I'm having fun with it so I'll continue until I run out of things to photograph with the bike or it becomes a chore. 

Of course, when I'm out I don't just take photos of the bike. I do catch other snapshots along the way.  The above photo is one.  If you can't find the "watcher" check below for the closeup view.

I toyed around with where to put the bike photos and finally decided to create a Facebook page.  It is Bethany's Bike. If you want a look click the link. You should be able to view the page without logging into Facebook and without needing an account. However, should you have a Facebook account and want to see the photos as they come along, make sure you click the "like" button on the page when you are logged into Facebook to get the updates. 

Again, here it is Bethany's Bike.


  1. This is cool! I wanna see more. ;)


  2. Thanks you both... S, I'll be working on it.

  3. I kept 5 min looking at your image :D

    Keep taking these shots :)


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