Sunday, January 26, 2014

Show and Tell

Why yes, that is a Carolina Chickadee perching on the bird feeder I made, after a late night brainstorm, while trying to quiet the creativity flood in my brain (and failing), so I could get to sleep, so I could go do my real job the next day.   

It sure would be nice if the creativity fairy would come to visit on the weekend, when nothing else is scheduled, and the hound dawg didn't need to be walked.


  1. I love chickadees- They are just so cute-

    I hope you are able to get more creative inspiration on your off (or snow) days :)

  2. Day jobs and the creativity fairy do not mix!

  3. That is one bodacious bird feeder, and quite a bargain at $29.99 (reduced from $59.99). Hope you can keep up with the orders.....

  4. Very creative. Are you really selling them?

  5. There has been some 'talk' of it, but no current inventory. Fin

  6. Lori, your snow day comment was definitely prescient as I am sitting here at home on a Tuesday enjoying watching the birds. :)

    Elisa, no they don't!

    S, I hope to. Obviously, Fin would love for me to. :)


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