Tuesday, January 28, 2014

What the Heck!

Here in south Mississippi, we are experiencing the most wintery winter we've had since I moved here.  Today, we have freezing temperatures and freezing rain falling from the sky.  Weird!  

As it was in the 60's yesterday, I find this taste of actual winter somewhat unsettling.  However, the nice side  is that since this weather is so freakishly out of place, I have two days off from work.  So far, despite a long list of things I want to accomplish in this bonus time at home, I've only managed to drink coffee, walk the Hound Dawg and watch the birds chowing down on the extra seed I put out.

As I was walking the Hound Dawg, I couldn't help but reflect on the birds flitting through the trees around me.  It made me wonder, if all those birds that winter here, like the American Goldfinch above(non-breeding plumage)are rethinking their migration plans for next year. 

I saw this fellow at the feeder the other day. (He won't stand still long enough for a good picture.) I haven't seen him yet today and I can just imagine him hold up in the hollow of tree somewhere with all the other goldfinches saying, "What the Heck! Fellas, this is not at all what my migration advisor described. Next, year I'm headed to south Texas or maybe even Mexico.  Yeah, that's it, Mexico."  I'm sure, that all the other goldfinches are nodding in agreement.


  1. I'm just curious: Did you (or do you) read the New Farmers Almanac? Every fall I look forward to their upcoming winter's weather forcast, broken down to fairly small geographic blocks. For my area here in north Texas it called for a wetter than average winter...it didn't specifically say snowier, though. That jury is still out. Wonder what it projected for the lower MS coast?

  2. Strange, I was having similar thoughts as I drove through Lafrenerie park on my way home today. The birds looked so cold!


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