Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Surefire Way to Impress Your Friends and Convince Folks You're Cool

Post pictures of bugs... Lots of bugs...

For instance, here is the luna moth that graced us with its presence this weekend.  Some people find moths creepy.  (Some of those people might be sitting a few feet away... ahem... Fin.)  However, as my one of my friends said when I posted a photo of the same moth after it landed in my hair, "No freakin' way. I have always wanted to see one of those!"  Surely, this is the way to win friends and influence people.
Creepy - I don't think so.  As a matter of fact, it has long been my ambition to see a luna moth fly out of our pine forest.   This is truly the stuff of dreams.

So, if 38 Facebook friends "liked" a moth in my hair then most assuredly, people will flock to my blog for a photo of the swarm of bees currently hanging thirty feet above our backyard in a pine tree.

Exciting, isn't it?  Some might even believe, cool.  Then again, The Finman didn't quite share my excitement. 

Oh well... I think it's exciting and after an afternoon of back breaking labor the empty top-bar hive I had on hand has been cleaned up and re-engineered.  Now,  if that teeming mass of bees will just find it before they pick out some other digs. 


  1. Wow, that is exciting. I too hope that the bees decide that your top bar hive will make a wonderful new home! Is there any way that you can help persuade them? Sugar water or something?

  2. Did they swarm away yet? I surely hope they decide to hang around-- in your clean and refurbished hive of course! Mom

  3. The swarm is still in the tree this morning. We'll see. If they were lower, I could just drop them into the hive.

  4. The moth in your hair is decidedly not creepy. The Victorian Jewelry I saw at the Boston Museum of Fine Art, crafted from taxidermied hummingbirds, was the epitome of creepy!

  5. Beautiful moth, and I don't often find any insect worthwhile. If you could just get to the queen, the others would follow.

  6. I love those moths! Glad to see you doing well!


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