Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Salt Marsh

Last Sunday, I took my kayak to the National Seashore Park in Ocean Springs for my first kayak outing of 2009. (I know, it's been too long.) The seashore park is one of my favorite places to launch as there are many sand bars close to shore making a string of islands crowded with marsh grasses. To me, it's a beautiful place.

(The photo on the left was actually taken last May. I didn't take a camera out on this trip. The structure out in the grass is a barge in the boat channel.)

Sunday, was a bruising day to be in a Kayak in the Mississippi Sound. The water was choppy and the wind was high. Yet, it was almost heaven to fight the waves, feel the sun, and listen to call of the coastal birds. Where I kayaked the salt marsh of the bayou merges slowly into the Mississippi Sound. Thus, there is a variety of wildlife. As I drove through the park, I could tell that the neighborhood alligator was out sunning due to the crowd clustered on the lookout pier with cameras in hand.

Once I was in the water, I was amazed again at how wonderful it is to see the water from a kayak. It's so quiet and peaceful, no motor to interrupt the appreciation of bird calls or the splash of a mullet make as it zips sideways out of the water and plops back into Gulf. Sunday, a flock of eight pelicans glided over my head, huge dinosaurs on wings. Pelicans are so clumsy landing and taking off but to look directly overhead and see them gliding low together, silent, well that is a magnificent sight. In fact, it is beautiful enough to make you catch your breath and marvel at their size and grace.

The terns were a raucous addition to the scene and fascinating to watch. There seemed to be hundreds in the air and resting along the piers. They looked graceful and delicate as they practically hovered in the strong wind a few feet above the waves and then dove sharply and cleanly for a snack seen under the surface of the water.

That afternoon, I found myself in the flight path of an osprey as well. The osprey looked strong flying above and as our paths intersected his above, mine below he looked down with his sharp gaze, his fierce eyes glanced across mine, and then he was gone. The osprey has such power in flight.

One afternoon spent where the salt marsh blends its way into the waters of the Mississippi Sound. What a beautiful way to spend my time. I can only hope that I am able to make many more trips this spring and summer.


  1. Lovely description. As we discussed, maybe your Mom will loan you her camera for these jaunts provided you have the waterproof bag for it. Glad the experience was so satisfying.

  2. Thanks for the comment Darling. I was feeling a bit lonely all exposed out here. :)

    Yes, I probably will borrow that camera.

  3. Exceptional picture you paint. I could see each feature. It is rare that descriptive prose is so effective. Now I want to take that kayak trip.

  4. Such a poetic description. . . -Lu

  5. John, You'll have to come visit Fin and me here for a longer visit and have him take you out at the seashore park.

    Chiang Guy, it was. Maybe next time you visit you can go out if you come during a warmer part of the year.

    Lu, thanks.


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