Sunday, September 13, 2009

Blogging Block

A Blogging Block, yep I have one. Thus, the deafening silence emanating from this url. I think the real problem is that while there's a lot going on, and I've photos galore, and scads of good intentions my thoughts are waxing reflective.

The fairly serious tone of the chatter in my head does not actually lead to light-hearted blog fodder. So, let me ruminate and get back to you.

Whilst I ponder, enjoy this upside down tiger swallowtail enjoying a sip at the liatrus. As the days shorten and fall seeps in, the swallowtails may be found doing their thing in my neck of the woods. I find their predictability and gracefulness one of my favorite things about this part of the world.


  1. I know about the serious head chatter. Got a little of that, too.

  2. How about some more of your gorgeous photos?

  3. Isn't it funny that we feel the need to apologize for not doing something we don't have to do? And so in that vein, I apologize if the award I just awarded you adds to the sense of obligation -- but jadedj made me do it!

    Good luck with the pondering.

  4. Intelliwench, thank you for the award. No negative sense of obigation entailed at all, after all it was an honor just to be nominated. Do I get to give an acceptance speech?

    Truly, that looks fun and I will definitely come out and play. Hopefully I'll have time this evening to work on my own nominations.


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