Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hiatus Interruptus

Pondering on hold, the ever interesting Intelliwench bestowed the great honor of a "Kreative Blogger Award" on this bundle of words and photos and now I have the great honor of penning my acceptance blog.

First, I must explain that Intelliwench was (rightly) disturbed by the creative spelling of "Kreative Award" and worked a little image magic to bring the award back along more conventional lines. As I am perhaps equally disturbed by the misuse of hard consonants and lack of silent e's I am using her adapted image.

In a completely unrelated aside I must step on my soap box to say I'm all in favor of playing with the English language. Definitely experiment, try out new words, play with diction, why even make words up as need arises. By all means, one should broaden the ever shrinking vocabulary brought on by TV soaked brains and text speak. But please, by all that's holy and inviolate, let us draw some lines in our quest to spice up this communication medium. Really, can't we call a halt to "kute" spelling?

Now then, with that behind us, onto the acceptance. In accepting this great honor, I must list seven favorite things. These things apparently need to be solo activities as they are not supposed to involve "other people". (At this point, I'm curious to know if the Kreative Award is due to blog content or perhaps because if you come up with seven things that are enjoyable but are not dependent on the involvement of others the blogger must indeed be creative. As the award precedes the list, I must assume that the award is based on content but it still creates a question in my mind.)

Seven things that are not only favorite pastime sbut also bring me joy:

1) Watching clouds move with wind.

2)The sound of wind soughing through the tops of the pine trees at the back of our property.

3)Feeling the pull of my muscles as I paddle my kayak in the Mississippi Sound.

4)Listening while at the beach or kayaking to the sounds of the birds, fish jumping, waves lapping, wind blowing off the Gulf of Mexico and motors of distant boats.

5)Puttering in my vegetable garden pulling weeds, tidying things, and picking vegetables to carry inside in my garden basket.

6)Reading a book that I can't put down.

7)Riding my bike with my wicker basket full from holding my camera and taking pictures around my neighborhood. This generally includes cows.

Now then, to complete the acceptance, there must be four nominations of my own. This is very difficult. In looking over my blog list, there are simply some absolutely wonderful and valuable bloggers out there. In fact, many of these blogging friendships have transcended the internet world and spilled over in to real life interactions. This makes it quite difficult to choose.

I'll start with Class Factotum. Quite honestly she's brilliant and her stories so often remind Fin and me of Fin and me that it's a bit spooky. Did I mention she's brilliant? And talented? And gifted with words? And gardens? Well, she is and does.

Next, my big brother over at Thai Takes. He doesn't blog terribly often but he has an interesting mix of Thai politics, personal updates, and photos of very beautiful and colorful Thailand.

And I must mention, Joan over at Charleston Daily Photo. Joan is another long time blog friend and I hope one of these days I'll make it to Charleston for a real-life meet up and we'll roam around town with our cameras. Joan has a great mix, of photos, funnies, and life. She's definitely worth a look.

Last and of course not least, my old friend Tea of A Kitten Ate My Couscous. Tea's output is a bit sporadic (but then so is mine) but she posts lovely photos, nice entries, and seriously, have you ever run across a better blog name? It is by far one of the best ever typed.

Now then, as I mentioned it was QUITE difficult to pick only four. I have many more favorites and all of have valuable or interesting things to say. I only hope I didn't hurt any feelings. After all, just consider, the Finman, love of my life didn't make the list.


  1. Wow! Thank you! I am honored. I think I will get to meet you and Finn one of these days. Surely Charleston has to be on your travel list :)

  2. Congratulations Are In Order... Me and Laura are going to be in the Savannah/Charleston Area the first week of December and hope to meet Joan. Also sometime soon ought to head your way if time permits.

  3. Thank you! Harpo gave me the same honor, so it's time I accepted my award! PS It's so nice to know that someone besides my mother is reading.

  4. The love of your life thanks you.

  5. Thanks, I don't know if I deserve the great honor, but Thanks.

  6. You do the award justice, Bethany. The English language thanks you, too!

  7. I really enjoyed your list! Good picks too.

  8. Oh Bethany! THANKYOU!

    VERY sorry for not thanking you before, and for the hiatus - I confess I haven't looked at JS-friend blogs or even checked my own for ages - only just browsed by and discovered this honour now.

    And yes, "a kitten ate my couscous" is a great blog name ... the kitten (grown-up cat now!) says she will take all the credit! :)


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