Sunday, September 27, 2009

You CAN Make a Cake Without Breaking Any Eggs

Today, my family celebrated Big Sis's birthday. Big Sis can't have eggs so I made an eggless butter cake with chocolate buttercream icing. While it is possible to buy egg replacers at whole foods stores, I've found that I get the best results and feel the best about an egg substitute I found on a Vegan website.

Using ground flax, you simmer about one tablespoon milled flax seed with three to four tablespoons water on the stove top. The recipe says to simmer the mixture for five minutes but I've found that generally about two minutes results in a better product. This will replace one egg so adjust measurements keeping the one to three/four ratio for the number of eggs you need to replace. Also, remember to do this ahead of time so the "eggs" are cool when it's time to bake. The result is so amazingly egg-like that I could sit down with a bowl of cake batter and have dinner (without worrying about salmonella).

I've become so fond of flax in my baking that I rarely use eggs. I especially love the flax in my pancakes. So, a heads-up to anyone preparing food for someone with an egg allergy, people trying to cut cholesterol, or people looking to up their intake of MUFA's (mono unsaturated fatty acids), milled flax is a wonderful addition to your kitchen.


  1. That sounds great. The best chocolate cake I've ever had was from a vegan cake mix. It was baked for a child with celiac disease, so it didn't have wheat or gluten either. I never would have guessed that a cake without eggs or flour could taste that good, but it did! Based on your post, I'll bet the mix used flax.

  2. Yummy, Yummy, cake! It was so good.

  3. I came here to wish you a Happy Banned Book Week, and got a great recipe idea in return -- thanks for sharing!

  4. Wow I've never heard of this, but I love the idea and flax is so great for you. I'm so going to have to try this. Thank you :)

    Happy Happy Happy Birthday to YOU!!

  5. Bethany, My cake was both beautiful and delicious! Thank you, thank you.


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