Friday, October 16, 2009


The Hound Dawg, Copper has necessitated a few adjustments around this little cottage. Not the least of which is an adjustment of lifestyle for The Incredibly Furry Feline, Milton. Hound Dawg is not exactly what you would consider low profile.

Early on, when Copper happened on Milton sitting on top of a trash can by the shed and evidenced an earth-rumbling, ancestral bay whilst hunkering down
in a classic "I just treed a 'coon for you" stance I suspected we might have a slight misinterpretation of the assigned roles within our little family. I gather that Hound Dawg may have been of the opinion that The Incredibly Furry Feline was a gift for his amusement. I think Milton has since disabused him of that delusion.

Now, it seems we've turned yet another corner in the Feline/Hound relationship. We may even be witnessing the genesis of friendship. (I think the odds on that would be much higher if Copper could get over his desire to "tree" creatures that tend to be slightly less canine than himself.) Milton makes a good "dog" and I sure hope that Copper figures that out sooner rather than later.


  1. He sure IS a funny old hound!

  2. It looks like Milton has that paw ready to swat COpper the second he gets out of line. I love the picture and can't wait to see how our own little mixture of cat and dog go together.

    Miss yáll!

  3. Yeah, Milton is definitely tolerating this. As in, "tolerance" = "to put up with something even if I don't like it." Not "to embrace everything else."


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