Sunday, January 10, 2010


This week, on Wednesday the FinMan asked me twice to call him during my lunch break. I not only forgot, I REALLY forgot. He called me.

The thing is, I get distracted. The more time we spend together, the more I hope the FinMan understands that these lapses are not a reflection of my feelings but simply symptoms of a brain moving too many directions at once. A brain that occasionally only occupies the present moment.

This morning, with fifteen minutes to go before we should be in the car and headed to church he found me camera in hand, clad in warm snuggly Christmas pajamas, standing at the sink in the kitchen. "What are you doing" he asks. "There's a leaf frozen in the water from Copper's water bucket" I reply, as if this explains everything.


Fin sat down in a chair at the dining table. "I've decided I don't care if we're late", he said in the manner of one repeating a mantra. In fact, over the next few minutes, I heard the same more than once.


Thankfully, I even think he meant it, or at least, he wanted to mean it.


  1. Bethany- I'm so glad that I'm not the only one who does that. It certainly makes me feel better. I find myself easily distracted as well, and I would have done the same thing. I love the leaf in the water bowl.

    Did y'all make it to church>?

  2. Wiz, lol. We did make it to church. The service starts at 10:30 and we were getting out of the car at 10:31. So, we were late but in by the opening song. :)

  3. LOL ! I was wondering the same thing ~~ if y'all made it to church!?

    Coming in on the first song is good. :)

    Love your photos of the leaf frozen in the water dish!

    "a picture tells a thousand words" sure holds true for this !

    I again enjoyed reading your entry :) Made me giggle too.

  4. Thanks Sunny. Glad you got a smile.

  5. I know numbers bore you, but it was THREE times I had asked you to call me before you began lunch. The irony is that now I haven't the slightest idea what was then so important.

    When CF writes about herself and SH in these scenarios, it always sounds funny. Oh, and I said I didn't care because you can't get fired from church for being late.

    As you correctly point out, however, I have never missed a plane because of being late to the airport, and since I've known you, neither have you. Fair is fair.

  6. Brilliant couple of posts. If it's any consolation, the weather over on this side of the Atlantic is unusually and persistently cold too! The leaf picture reminds me of the leaves trapped in the frozen water of the birdbath outside - frozen solid from top to base (before I attacked it with two kettlefuls of boiling water).

    I also get easily distracted, to the consternation of a close friend! As for being late to church ... on more than one occasion I've been known to arrive just before the LAST song ... needless to say my church attendance is rare nowadays! :)

  7. Fin, not only have I not missed a plane due to my lack of timeliness since we've known one another, I've never missed a plane due to my own negligence. Years ago, I did once miss a flight when I was relying on a more experienced traveling companion.

    Our stories are often amusing, sometimes they just need the lens of time for the amusing aspects to really shine through. =)

    Tea, thanks.

    I've been reading about the awful weather across the pond and much this hard winter is disrupting life. I am truly grateful that we are not experiencing the extremes that many areas are.

  8. Well I feel an apology is nec. from me to Fin... as the lack of phone call has been because of me on I am sure more than one occasion... Sincerely, I am truley sorry.... sometimes I get carried away and take her with me. -LunchtimeL

  9. Lu, wow! You are a good friend and I am real glad there is you.


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