Thursday, July 8, 2010

Dinner in NOLA

Last night, I was invited to tag along with visiting family as they drove to New Orleans to share dinner with my Big Sis. I'm so glad they invited me along. It's been a while since I strolled in the Big Easy and it was lovely to walk around with my cousins and share in their enjoyment of the French Quarter.

Sometimes, in enjoying my own little piece of the Gulf Coast I lose sight of how much I enjoy the city, and what a quick little drive it is to New Orleans.
In fact, it's such a quick little drive that one can even go in the evening, get back for an almost full night's sleep, and be at work in the morning. (I almost felt like I was living my 20's again.)

Photo Above: After dark view of the Riverwalk along the Mississippi River.


  1. Very glad y'all got to go hang out in the Big Easy. Where are all the pipple in yer pic??

  2. VERY nice picture!! Mom

  3. Quiet night in the French Quarter last night. Don't know if it was a mid-week slump, the oil, the heat or a combination.

    Mom, thanks.

  4. I would love to visit NO again. Well next time I'm in The States I guess.

  5. Definitely, need to go over next time you're here. Sorry to hear that's been postponed a bit.

  6. Great photo Bethany. We did have a good time didn't we?


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